Thursday, October 04, 2012

Top Five Lies


First Debate Comments

It's so easy to be cynical, but I still believe every little counts and every effort to demand more from politicians is worth it. Whatever it may be- I think it's worth it to ask them to address what's important to you down to the last minute. I'm not going to get everything I want from a candidate, but I will be realistic and pragmatic.

After tonight's debate, I doubt the voters were won over by Romney. Demographically, his party are strongly against gays, elderly, poor, students, middle class, immigrants, and women. The Democrats still have the better record. And without specifics, Romney is stuck lying, inventing and promising.

I think there's a time when we need to make choices in elections that would benefit not only ourselves but others as well, not in our lifetime but for future generations. It would have been beneficial to the debate viewership if the questions were released in advance so voters may look over them. Instead we're chugging down facts and figures, gambling on what may be true or not. If not for fact checking you may be left hung over and broke, so to speak.