Friday, September 07, 2012

Exclusivity Breeds Myopia, Ignorance Some firefighters get greedy, become misguided, and decide to harass a charity. I think horrible events get to some firefighters' heads and they somehow believe they and them alone are the only ones that know the true extent of a particular horrible event. Not anyone else in similiar situations, not another event of horrifying tragic consequences, their fixation becomes myopic from lack of inclusiveness.

The reality is the alleged firefighters made an oath to serve the public. By harassing individuals, they make them feel less safe. If they feel they are undertrained or under equipped then there are the usual channels like the union, OSHA, and the FDNY. Harassing individuals and their families is out of line for people in the public safety industry. Are these alleged firefighters trying to extort a group due to equipment shortage and under training? This isn't the way to get things accomplished.

If you would like to make a charitable donation, there are many organizations that have open and transparent ways of doing business. Charity Navigator, rates organizations and may help the one decide how to effectively give to our own particular concerns. 

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