Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I respect and support the Vulcan Society's lawsuit

Sworn deposition, folks. There it is. Imagine Major League Baseball filled with 10 percent NON white males and that's how I see the FDNY. Just think of the perfectly qualified candidates able to do the job but are barred because they don't have a hook, an insider, or political ally. It's cronyism, favoritism, and racism. I support and respect what the Vulcan Society is doing. The Vulcan Society organizes to make a difference and lobby non violently.
I expect Patricia Kavaler and everyone else testifying to receive ad hominem attacks from the establishment, to nullify their testimony, to destroy their credibility, this is how it can play out unfairly.
If you happen to think you are a victim of harassment-- I think documenting the time, date, description, and people involved is tantamount. Jot everything down, don't internalize and forget. Contact the following channels and get the paperwork submitted at the minimum of six months. Know your rights, don't be afraid, don't be antagonized and made to do the wrong thing. Don't lash out in anger. If you don't document, it is very hard to improve conditions. Also don't forget you're not alone-- there are others struggling and organizing to get fair treatment.

I suggest these organizations for assistance:

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