Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deep thoughts on Towing

I have deep thoughts on this You Tube video. Kudos to the guy with the camera and witnesses. It would appear there are only 2 people involved in the towing. The tow truck needed rear wheel snow chains.

The front end loader should have chains too. A third person should have been a ground guide. There was no communication between the 2 operators. Handie talkies would have helped.

Lastly, maybe a front end loader can "inch worm" maneuver.As an afterthought it looked like the front end loader still had hydraulic power to move its bucket. If it could have pushed it down to inchworm out of the spot, then it might get towed.

It would been have easier to tow the SUV out of the way but the tow truck didn't have chains anyway. Our collective brains were on ice that day, but that's good no one got seriously hurt there.

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