Friday, March 14, 2008

Re Opened Blog

I closed this blog & my iTunes music blog to the public for about a month.

New developments:
I was sponsoring 2 kids through Save the Children USA for about 2 years. The charity has gone through its program and it has now deemed its mission complete at the particular village my sponsored children belong. Having completed its program on dealing with sustainable issues: health, hygiene, and early childhood education they are moving on. At this point I was given the choice to continue funding the charity for 2 more kids or stop. I think the tough part is going to be writing the last letters to the kids and saying goodbye. I think though it won't be tough to remind them to take care of their health, do their homework, help around the house & listen to their parents & teachers. If you would like to check out Save the Children USA, they are on the web and also at

I'm working on part time work /school personal web presence at I narrowed the visual arts to 3 catagories: Photography, Illustration, & Video. I'll probably make an audio photo show for each of the catagories. The blawg part may somehow be linked but for now the focus will for academic and part time work purposes.
The links are not all live yet.

Still a firefighter in NYC despite this: link.

I have not filed formal City of New York, NY State and Federal complaints. The deadline for NY State is coming up in May. NY State has a 1 year limit on EEO incidents. FYI: For sexual harassments, the NY State limit is 6 months.

Gratuitous Nip Shot

For up to the minute updates, I'm on, cisc1970.

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