Monday, December 31, 2007

Obreahny O'Brien

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Obreahny O'Brien stopped in at the NYMIEG/For Your Imagination holiday party on Dec. 12, 2007. I think you'll find her passionate & funny. The interview was impromtu, with the help of Irina Slutsky from GETV. I used some of the same basic questions Nathan Miller of Bicycle-Sidewalk came up with for Vloggercon 2006. I emailed him and asked him what questions he would ask and he wrote me back with these: What got you into videoblogging? Why did you get into videoblogging? What is your inspiration?

You can find Nathan Miller at, Obreahny O'Brien keeps her site at College Wit. Irina Slutsky operated my not so good in the dark camera and I used music from Bre Pettis' free music album.

This episode's links are GETV, College Wit, Physicians for Social Responsibility

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