Friday, December 28, 2007

Jess McCabe & Sizemore

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Irina Slutsky introduced me to Jess McCabe & Mike Atherton at the NYMIEG/For Your Imagination holiday party on Dec. 12, 2007. Since I was interviewing her for my videoblog, she thought it was appropriate to interview them as well, which I did. I used the same basic questions Nathan Miller of Bicycle-Sidewalk came up with for Vloggercon 2006. I emailed him and asked him what questions he would ask and he wrote me back with these: What got you into videoblogging? Why did you get into videobloging? What is your inspiration? You can find Nathan Miller at, Irina Slutsky hosts Geek Entertainment TV, Jess McCabe at, & Mike Atherton at

Irina Slutsky operated my not so good in the dark camera and I used music from Bre Pettis' free music album.

This episode's links are GETV, The Sizemore McCabe Project, Physicians for Social Responsibility


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nice relaxed conversation and brings me up to speed on a couple sites and ideas in the vlogging world...