Friday, October 26, 2007

Nice Leonard Cohen YouTube clip

Come To Oct 27. March for Peace & Justice

Watch the Video
Rally & March for Peace & Justice! Sat October 27 New York City. Muster beginning 11:00 am on 17th St East of Broadway. Keep up by going to United for Peace & Justice.
United for Peace & Justice, National Priorities Project, Exxon Secrets

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Media Making Notes

1. Treat each public post as a press release (as discussed earlier this year at the NYC Podcasting Association). This may take the spontaneity out of media making but if you want to aim for quality, I think that's the way to go. Checking to see if it loads properly on your portable media player for example and reading over the draft before hitting the publish button will help.

2. Meta tag appropriately, if not title, so search engines have an easier time finding your media. For example: "fallaciousargument", "netneutrality", "globalwarming", "nucleardisarmament", "freedomofthepress", "thewaronterror". Pretty much every media hosting site out there (Flickr,, YouTube) uses meta tags. Try to get an idea of meta tags.

3. Use a Creative Commons license. It will make your media more available for re use without the extra steps of the user writing you for permission.

The new ways of gathering media can make it easier for people to network and get what they need to do done.