Sunday, August 26, 2007

Outdoor portraits with fill flash


The glass used for this set was a second hand Nikkor 1.4 50mm AIS lens. I used a FM3a at -1 ev to -2 ev Aperture Priority and TTL fill flash using 35mm Fuji Sensia 100. TTL flash filtration is amber.

The f-stop used was 1.4 to 2. I purposely used a shallow DOF to blur the background. In the future I may focus specifically on bridge of their noses (instead of tip) or eyes to get something different. I like these portraits.


I've tried this same 30 yr. old 50mm AIS F mount on a Nikon D-80. The focal length is 75mm in the DX equivalence. It works just as good in manual mode. I'm not used to shooting full manual on a D-80 but with its 3 fps RAW+Large fine jpegs mode, exposure bracketing is not so tedious to undertake.


Bicyclesidewalk said...

pleasing pics...
How you been?
nathan miller

F Daum said...

Thank you. I'm back to working full duty as a firefighter and moved on to a better firehouse. They work more, go to more fires, and it's a fresh start. I've been taking one college class every semester since Fall 2007. Competitive jiu jitsu & training took a back seat to school when I dislocated my arm. I also had 2 months not working. But now everything is ok, going to school for Spanish language for medics, and working full time.