Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part 2, If Rescue Me Had a 5th Season...

The freckled red haired Dominican overhearing Leary's character counseling the gay fireman goes home after fighting a fire. He goes to sleep and has a dream.

In his dream, the guys belong to a club with a nice treehouse. They are squabling why there's never any good snacks around. each time they get their allowances, they pay the club $2.50. The money goes in the treasury can. A while back one of the kids won the 4-H competition for his goat. He on went to become a dairy farm worker. This was 7 years back. The money was $100. He left it for the club house treasury.

Leary's character talks about how their lemonade stand should be pulling more money in and their bait shop shouldn't have to go under. There is no accountability. The monies are shuffled around to get some sort of balance going. In actuality, the $25 bucks has shrank to $9 bucks. Expenses like the wiffle ball set expense are pointed out and the initial outlay for the lemonade pitcher and tumblers.

So in the dream, the gay character talks about how he has to be primary cleaner of the tree house, how he sees others shirk their contributions. Leary's character, then tells him- "the wall of China was built by many bricks", just keep working one brick at a time".

The officer then comments, I know I seem to just be around to wait for what kind of snacks you guys are going to make, but I see him do the hedges alone. The hedges aren't a one man job...

He wakes up.

FADE to commercial

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