Sunday, May 06, 2007

One example where education is needed

You'll need to read it in its original size. Even for a union job, stuff like this makes its rounds. The labor movement should not include racists. page 2, page 3, page 4.

Race e-mail

Race e-mail-pg2

Race e-mail-pg3

Race e-mail-pg4

My reply is:
To the original sender (TERMITEPJ[at]AOL.COM) and forwarders of this e-mail (goughs5[at], lsfdny[at], patriciagibbons[at], amdv1[at], bw5431[at]

I'm really at a lost for what to say. In the War of Independence, people of the same races fought one another, in the War of 1812 too, and the Civil War as well. In WW I (the war to end all wars), WW II, Korean War, and in the Vietnam War- the Vietnamese, the Soviets supplying weapons. I really don't know how to answer your question.

In my family, there's one doctor, 4 nurses, a handful of financial managers, 2 commisioned officers presently serving in the US Navy, one architect, one electrical engineer, one medical office manager, and me a firefighter. I myself served with the US Army in Bosnia and both of my grandfathers were in the Bataan Death March in WW II. The one that survived went on to the Korean War and retired as an captain in the US Army.

As proud as I am of my family, I can't give you an easy answer and a civic lesson is out of the question. Although I totally disagree with your position and your use of racist language, I've taken your e-mail into consideration. I am forwarding this just to the following people and groups for now.

The FDNY Holy Name Society
FDNY Hispanic Society
The Columbia Association, FDNY
The FDNY Emerald Society
The FDNY Vulcan Society
NYC DCAS EEO officer
NYC FDNY EEO officer
NYC DOI EEO officer

Maybe someone will get back with you,

Francisco Daum

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