Wednesday, May 09, 2007

NYC Vlogger Meet Up

Watch the Video
Just a quick video post playing with the 16:9 setting on a regular DV camcorder. The lighting was quite awful. Anyhow there are accompanying photographs I took on Flickr (just look me up -fld1970), they're in the Vlog Meet Up album. The photographs are better lit. Next month I'll have something better for the lighting. I hope this 16:9 works fine with iTunes and the iPod. I have a 4 year old mini DV camera. I don't want to go HD yet because my web syndication doesn't really need it. If people want to see my pores or the capillaries in my eyes I will be happy to give them a hi res picture of me if they can't find one on Flickr. Made with iMovie 4 and Quicktime Pro 7 Apple software.

links: Save Darfur, Voter Reform, The World Can't Wait

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