Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's a reprisal now.

Because of this vlog post, photo album, and e-mail reply I've been ordered to see the Chief Medical officer of the FDNY, Dr. Kerry Kelly. I really hope this is some kind of practical joke, sending me downtown using taxpayer dollars (it's overtime- because it's on my own time). I had originally planned my day to get college transfer transcripts from Purchase College and attend orientation for Cont. Ed at CUNY John Jay.

Instead I may be railroaded for complaining and exercising my free speech on my off time. I don't think there's a danger of being sent to the gulag or some political re education camp. It's too expensive. Maybe I'll be ordered to sign papers and leave the department.


missbhavens said...

Crap, Fransisco. I was so worried that something like this would happen. Dammit. You make sure to give them hell. I am completely disgusted. Of COURSE you get counseled instead of the asshat who distributed those disgusting emails. Of course.


Please be careful. You know damn well how these people operate.

Andy said...

Sheesh, that's pretty disturbing. What are you going to do if they force you out?

Francisco Daum said...

Someone has made it a point to go through my archives and find something that is disagreeable. They pointed out this post-link-
http://franciscodaum.blogspot.com/2006/03/fire-adult-language-not-suitable-for.html and this link-

A few years back, a cop and a fireman in Queens were fired for wearing blackface, throwing fried chicken at the parade onlookers while simulating the 1998 murder of James Byrd Jr. Ex NYC Mayor Guiliani fired them.

They sued, got their money, and their jobs back.

On my part I think the FDNY is using the above vlogposts as a kind of ad hominem attack on me. On one hand they say I should not have made a video of a fictitious rapper complaining about work and on the other hand I should have used the proper process of complaint regarding the e-mail.

I've been put on desk duty for at least one week (June 6). I have expressed my desire to return to full duty. I have the number to my union, but as far this goes, it's sketchy. I think I've already said enough for now.

I think the way it might pan out is that they'll make it too expensive for me to litigate.