Monday, April 02, 2007

Videoblogging Week Day 2, Money

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I wanted to compare Socially Responsible Investing retirement plans so I went to for help. I found no less than 100 articles on the subject. I want to be pro-union so I don't want to invest in Walmart and union busters. I don't like funding wars so I don't want to place my money in certain diamond companies and weapons contractors. I also don't want to destroy the environment. What caught my eyes was the Domini 400 Social Index. The Domini 400 fund costs more to maintain compared to the S&P 500 Index fund because the stocks are reviewed by real people for social responsibility. So it is great for people who support charities and would like to do more thru Socially Responsible Investing. Apple iMovie 4 and Quicktime Pro 7 for video editing.

links: Save Darfur, Voter Reform, The World Can't Wait


missbhavens said...

The table-guy could have easily fit into the Scary video. I couldn't figure out whether he was actually a blind man or whether he was reading his script from knee-level.

Way to go on the socially responsible investing.

Francisco Daum said...

The guy you're talking about is Dr. Robert Thurman. His podcast is here: