Saturday, April 21, 2007

Obligatory Blog Post

I started a wiki at PBWiki for the grants class I'm taking at Purchase College. It's private right now, everyone on the grants team is using the same log in. I looked at other sites for the wiki but on a whim I shot Eddie Codel from GETV, Lunch Meet, and an e-mail asking him where he would start one up. Eddie is the videographer from GETV and you actually get to see him in Robert Scoble's Podtech's Lunch Meet. I took his advice and tried out PB Wiki. It's helping out the group I suppose; one of the members asked how he could start one himself and I forwarded the tutorials PB Wiki have set up.

I'm back to a milk egg fish vegetarian diet now and I feel a whole lot flexible. I stopped the red meat and poultry about April 9, 2007. I've done this before. My proudest moment was passing the NYC Firefighter physical test (with about 45 seconds left on the clock and passing all 8 events) in 2000 as a milk egg vegetarian for 8 months prior to it. As far as being strictly vegan, I've tried it for about eight months too and I don't think it's possible with the appetite I have now and my knowledge base I have for vegetarianism. I pretty much stick my old room mate's Recipes For a Small Planet for making food. Most of the time I just use the legume plus pasta protein complement to substitute meat. Recently I found a good source for TVP, a long time staple I used but stopped when the health food store I went to in the Lower East Side closed about 7 years ago (Prana). I've seen the price of organic lentils go from 69 cents to a buck and half in that amount of time!

Part of eating lots of red meat is the group pressure. Firefighting, the brawny man's world of it- involves lots of meat eating and seconds. It's obscene. Steaks, pork chops, chicken cordon bleu, meatballs and sausage, and more. It's there on your plate so you eat it. I don't think the FDNY calendar guys eat like most of the guys on the job. They're like image control, while the rest of us fat guys hide under our bunker gear.

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