Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don't be Fooled

Watch the Video
I wanted to make quick post about cans. Don't be fooled by cans. Unite and don't be fool. My own footage and the following Internet Archive open source movies: Destination Earth and Voyage To the Prehistoric Planet. 40 second music clips of the following songs: Orbital's "Choice" and "Babaing Walang Kibo". Made with iMovie 4 and Quicktime Pro 7 Apple software.

This post from Noodle Scar is somewhat related.

links: Save Darfur, Voter Reform, The World Can't Wait


missbhavens said...

I love that your hands were all blurry from movement.

I'm assuming that you don't always sleep with cans of sardines enarby, right?

Francisco Daum said...

This was an exception.