Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Car Fire

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Motor vehicle fire at 79th St. and southbound exit ramp of West Side Highway. April 10, 2007 at approximately 22:00 hours. FDNY units responded: Battalion Chief, Engine 40, Ladder 22, and Engine 76. One inch and three quarter handline stretch was used from Engine 40, using booster tank. Truck company opened up vehicle so the nozzle team could extinguish the fire in engine compartment and passenger cabin.

I wanted to go to a talk at the NYU Law School. It happened at the same time as the Yahoo Vlogger Meet Up. I went to the Vlogger meet up, had something to eat, talked a bunch, then missed the meeting at the NYU Law School. On the way back home northbound I saw the car on fire on the opposite side. I figured I'd help as a Certified First Responder. When I approached the vehicle the emergency units were there already. So I started taping for documentary purposes.

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