Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Quick Drive

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I took a drive up to Matunuck, Rhode Island to watch Hogg a metal grindcore band. I knew the drummer Peter Scartabello from college and I regularly check out their shows.

"Ripe" lyrics and music by Hogg (all rights reserved)

Drab fucking clones
Dry cold choke
Dark empty space

I languish in the filth
Just to come clean
In the end
You turn up your nose
Walk toward the void
Just to claim
Claim ignorance

Trust a word
Never spoken
Listless speech
Creeps slowly
Out of your shallow mind
Your needs your thoughts
Mean shit to me
Mean shit to me

After crashing on Peter's couch for the night, I headed back south to NYC. On the way back I stopped by Trustom Pond for a quick walk with the digital camera. The trees devoid of leaves reminded me of the veins in one's eyeballs. Tree branches looked like waving arms reaching out towards the grey sky. Yards away from the pond, an unfamiliar sound beckoned me closer. It was the ice shifting and cracking on the shallow water. It reverberated otherworldly music, something organic like whale songs. I stood just there listening and taking it in. I realized my friend's appreciation for HP Lovecraft's and Cthulhu could be strongly influenced by his environment.

I have to take more of these trips out of the bustling city. I took a deep breath and headed back down the trail.

The car was coated with road salt from the recent snow and I took it in for wash in the Bronx. I tipped the crew, then drove over the 3rd Ave. bridge back into East Harlem.

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