Friday, February 09, 2007

Lincoln's Birthday Friday

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Thirty second excerpt of James Brown Live at Chastain Park, GA available at Netflix, the icy waters of the Hudson River, Dub Trio on live tour excerpt performing at Purchase College, and my messy desk. Last semester I took The Bible as a literature course. Very tough having to read thru 9,000 years of narrative history. A beautiful piece of literature despite its use of Neo Conservatives to plan out the Second Coming of Christ. Neo Conservatives should look at the theme of apostacy, failed kingdoms, and class struggle. Perhaps Neo Conservatives are being duped by ultra rich corporate politicians bankrolling their churches. Maybe it's a 2 way street between these guys. Anyhow taking another great piece of literature- Moby Dick, President Bush is the greedy Captain Ahab, willing to feed off his own vengeance and sacrifice the laden ship.

links: Save Darfur, Voter Reform, The World Can't Wait

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