Friday, January 12, 2007

Yikes, Privatization of Intel.

People more or less have been familiar with private security firms operating in Iraq. If you have combat training in the military say infantry, special forces, commando, you can apply. They don't take cooks,dishwashers, and vending machine refillers. Just recently these corporations have become subject under the UCMJ. Private security firms are not new.

Something that is new to me is the privatization of intelligence services. Read: The government subcontracts its own job. Corporations by in large are out to make money. Is our government now going to give the job to the lowest bidder for intelligence gathering? Imagine- "Ye Olde Mike's Snooping Club", "Tom,Dick,and Harry's Lookouts", and "Pepe's Trenchcoats". In reality Booz Allen is one these companies and R. James Woolsey, Jr. is working for them.

Are these corporations going to factor in Collateral Damage when they make decisions about the country's safety? Like maybe we'll look the other way if shareholders get a stock split, but there's a 53% chance 600,000 innocent civilians will die. Also are these corporations disregarding search and seizure laws domestically and internationally?

I'm working on a short story, basically there's a scene very similiar to one found in the "Repo Man". A character fingers the wrong guy just to have him beaten up (in this case Emilio Estevez has his abusive father beaten up). In my short story, an opium farmer tells CIA operatives that his neighbor is an Al Queda terrorist. His neighbor gets hauled off to Pakistan, he grabs his neighbor's opium harvest, doubling his profits and he gets more elbow room.

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