Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A bit of my 1991

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This episode features a quick review of Jamie Saft dubs on museum montage, a look back to my 1991 share in Brooklyn with records that came out that year and played on the turntable. Everyone in the photographs have moved on to much better and brighter things.

The pictures are from my Brooklyn photo album on Flickr. I used a 35mm B&W film and processed right at home. My rig back then was a student Minolta and a toy plastic Action Tracker camera. I still take plenty of photographs.

I didn't spend time retouching the scanned B&W negatives. All the media was shared within the Mac iLife suite. My vlog and home movies would not have been easy to make without the easy to use Mac.

Flash version, United for Peace & Justice, Project Vote Smart

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