Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Scooby's here. To the bait and switch crowd, nihilists, and occultist naysayers who may see eating turkey and celebrating Thanksgiving as just a commercial enterprise, you can bugger off. I don't care if it's invented, it's a good thing despite the blood and gore of killing a turkey. Settlers and aborigines have interacted from the day Pilgrims landed, to Lewis & Clark, and the Oneida using Berlitz to get their language spread. So, to the nihilistic naysayers occultists who need some profound fulfilment, try some candied yams. Think about making a modest plate and enjoying it- but don't turn it down while not remembering the less fortunate. Go fast but don't flaunt it, so only your master will reward you.


Randy said...

i was watching the prade on tv. it must be one thing watching the balloons n tv its probly awhole difffrent stroy watching it live



F Daum said...

I have the 2005 parade archived at the Internet Archive, just look for "Francisco Daum".

missbhavens said...

I missed the parade this year, which was a bummer... it's on of my most favorite NYC experiences. But you know what I've never ever done? Go all the way to 34th street to see it! There's an announcer down there? That's so weird!!!