Thursday, November 16, 2006

1 Year Vlog Anniversary

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I posted Vlog Militia Man (Inspired by Chuck Olsen's Vlog Santa) in Dec. 22, 2005, as noted by the Internet Archive. The Hummus Episodes (Parts 1 and 2) I did in Jan. 2006. On Dialogue was my bit on people rushing off to war and our need to recoup from such errors (July 23, 2006). I did a series from a peace march (11 posts, 5th one here). Keeping it rough. I tried cooking, editorial, self defense, and journal posts. I think my personal favorites are the ones on WW 2 survivors, vloggers, and peace marchers.

Flash version, Election Reform, Project Vote Smart


Levois said...

This was an interesting vlog. I really liked the music.

F Daum said...


missbhavens said...

Happy Vlogging Anniversary!!

This was neat...I love the animation!