Friday, August 18, 2006

Music Episode

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In this episode are clips from Node 101 Weekend Worldwide from Manhattan, The Meters at the NYC Nokia Theatre, and HOGG at AS 220 in Providence, RI. These were all within the past three weeks. Also, due to late night video posting, I mispelled Kahlil Gibran- poet, novelist, and figurative artist.

Music excerpts: "Redlight" squeezed thru Garageband 1, "He Bite Me"- The Meters, & HOGG soundcheck.

My mainly Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike photographs.


ivettza said...

great job capturing the node101 event!! and i'm so jealous that you went to the meters!! - i wanted to go, but we were celebrating 35yrs of public access in nyc that night!! :/

Francisco Daum said...

It was great to visit manhattan Neighborhood Network, especially on a vloggers meet.