Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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35 MB 7 min. The beach, my favorite scene from "On the Waterfront" (great study for jump cuts) , and Hogg playing last month.

Music: "Ocean" by VU, "Frost" by Hogg.

My mainly Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike photographs.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Music Episode

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In this episode are clips from Node 101 Weekend Worldwide from Manhattan, The Meters at the NYC Nokia Theatre, and HOGG at AS 220 in Providence, RI. These were all within the past three weeks. Also, due to late night video posting, I mispelled Kahlil Gibran- poet, novelist, and figurative artist.

Music excerpts: "Redlight" squeezed thru Garageband 1, "He Bite Me"- The Meters, & HOGG soundcheck.

My mainly Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike photographs.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was on my way to go see X at the Nokia Theatre. I saw smoke on the Manhattan Bridge and thought for a moment- "Detour, avoid at all costs! Anyhow I figure I'll squeeze off some frames for a small car fire but it turned out to be a bigger job. I missed the concert but I have about 400 frames for the FDNY Photo Unit. The track fire caused minor smoke inhalation injuries and power was shut down on both directions.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aug 15, 2006

Just a quick post, saw Mac OS X Leopard article on Spaces, reminded me of the virtual desktops you can add to the dock on a Linux box when using KDE from the 90's. I don't mean to be a sourpuss though. I'm very happy with OS X Panther in general and most of my software are still strictly for PPC.

I've got some evergreen video to upload, music from Jerseyband, the Meters, and Hogg. I shot soundless .mov's at the Meters show and added a brief music clip to the footage round it off. The brief music clip falls under fair use because I'm including a review of the band.

I stopped by's event for Node 101 Weekend Worldwide. Streaming web media will help the global online commmunity further get acquainted with one another. With this in mind I'm really feeling left behind by staying with .mov's and Quicktime instead of Flash. Just one more reason to head down to and get some coding implemented. I haven't had the time to view the vPIP users that the Yahoo Vlog group have pointed out. Anyway, after I recertify my CFRD for my job as a firefighter, it should be all go again for Jiu Jitsu, Vlogging, and kicking back. Today's links are the Maha Mangala Sutta and the Carter Center.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Charity, Aug. 6, 2006

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26 MB 5 min "Happy are they who are charitable at all times." -Psalms 106:3. What you just saw was a clip from a DVD that Venice firefighters gave to me on their visit to Engine 26. This shirt I'm wearing is also from them. In return I bought them one of our FDNY shirts and directions to the Fireboat unit on the Hudson River.

This music is from CC

What can $500 get you? Well on average the legal price of an assault weapon in the United States is around this area. An M-16, an AK-47 with some extra parts & ammunition. Of course it's a whole cheaper in the illegal black market. But I want to show you what $500 in other ways.

from their website- Doctors Without Borders-

$50 Purchases a cold chain-cooler that transports up to 1,000 measles vaccinations when conducting a mass immunization campaign.

$100 supplies volunteers with all the necessary equipment to vaccinate 80 refugees against diseases such as measles, meningitis, and yellow fever.

$250 Provides more than 700 patients with emergency health care for up to three months.

$500 Delivers anesthesia, disposable supplies needed for infusions, and other materials needed for 75 patients to undergo life saving surgery.

from Save the Children, $500 is enough for 15 months of sponsoring a needy child with extra nutrition and reading programs.

For me, $500 is a about three quarters of my rent here in my East Harlem studio.. flash version. Photo Credits: the following Flickr members djenn, Boyzynberry, John P., Eileen Delhi, Elly Thompson, jeremysabol, adamhenning, CharlesFred, YimYounkin.

Music credit: "Mercades Capri"- mystro from

All media is Attribution and Non Commercial 2.5.
Today's links: Doctors Without Borders, Work for NYC, Charity Navigator

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

3 CC Songs

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15 MB 3 min. CC AttrShareAlike songs I made today on Garageband 1. "Hokey", "Country" and "Hugo Faux". The images are from my Flickr album and most of them are available for CC AttrShareAlike. flash version. Today's links: Doctors Without Borders, Work for NYC, Charity Navigator