Saturday, July 15, 2006

Never Ending Conflicts

A very good friend asked me what should be done about never ending conflicts. I strongly disagree with violence, I feel we are all the same generally, and there is a mountain of work to grapple when it comes to pointing out the benefits of dialogue.

The benefits of dialogue and non-violence:

1. We can agree to disagree, we can walk away from one another while keeping our health intact.

This is problematic when the other party is not in the position to make anymore sacrifices or in a position of desperation.

In this instance a mediator is required and hear each other's case.

2. Dialogue and non-violence respects others not involved in the conflict.

Verbal crossfire is ok, the tension is just mental. But when dialogue breaks down and turns into violent confrontation- the possibility of real physical injury arises. No matter what is used- fist, knife, gun, armies...the reality is that people will get hurt and worse killed. Instead of being merely annoyed by a verbal argument, violent behaviour hurts everyone.

3. Dialogue and non-violence is natural and humane.

We have intellectual superiority over animals. We also behave in a territorial manner much like animals. Dialogue and non-violence is a way for us to get along, out of respect for one another.

If we get more education in the picture- to see our past mistakes and to resolve not to repeat them again, I really believe we can help dialogue and non-violence.

I think there's plenty of us peacemakers. We gripe about our own governments but generally we care for one another, regardless of race, creed or nationality. We don't accomplish as much when we practice divisive speech let alone behaviour. We have to remain hopeful.

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