Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 7 Rerun 2006 - A Murder

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47 MB 9 min. "On The Lam" is the title of this short movie I made using iMovie 4, 8mm analog and mini dv footage I shot on my own. All the music is original and can be found on my free music page. I wanted to channel a conundrum I was in. I had no one to share a weird event in my life, so I took notes and basically held it in until one day, I sat with with paper and pencil. I drew 3 columns, labeling each video, audio, and dialogue. I had a rudimentary storyboard and sank into iMovie 4. The main events occurred in the Summer of 1998. I picked up embellishments, the fable grew & I finished this in early 2004. I "vlogged" it into the interweb in Oct. 19, 2005.

The compression is improved a tiny bit from .mp4 to .mov. It's kind of like Rashomon meets Goodfellas as a monologue. The narrator is a human trafficking, drug dealing, gun toting male living near a lawless, unnamed border. This situation leads him into murder but he tries to sweet talk his audience for understanding. flash version here

feature link: Amnesty International USA

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