Tuesday, July 04, 2006

02 July 4 US

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15 MB 3 min. Tagged july4us for the month of July. Independence day for me, as an immigrant, holds very special meaning. Number 1 and still is survival. The Philippines, where I came from, if you were poor, like me, you had 2 choices. You'd either go hungry or become a priest.

Luckily for me, my grandparents and parents were American citizens which meant it wasn't a problem becoming one myself in 1983.

Besides having a better chance of survival here in America- there's also ways for people to get ahead in life compared to where I was born. As long as you work hard, avoid drugs and alcohol, and be peaceful- you will better see the choices you have here in America.

It's not only about staying alive but the groups of people you spend time with. Here in America, you can live in immigrant communities or assimilate. It may not be as simple as that but my opinion is if you work hard, avoid drugs & alcohol, and be peaceful- improving one's lot is easier here than it is in the Philippines.

I believe I'm more accomplished here in America due to its combination of free speech, civil rights, prosperity, and free enterprise. flash version

feature link: Refugees International (4 star rating from Charity.org)


Mark said...

wow dude, I didn't know you are Filipino me too. My father is mostly Filipino and Japanese and my mother was Filipino and German.. I was born there too yup yup.. haha

F Daum said...

I'm 100% Filipino. I wish I had an extra gene to spare.

missbhavens said...

See--these are all things that folks born here forget (or fail to realise in the first place).

But why are you sitting in your fridge??

F Daum said...

I'm being cool. Actually I'm using something what is commonly called as allusion. I'm alluding to a Joey Ramone photograph in which he sits in front of his open fridge at his Astoria apartment. Also in the liver transplant scene in Monty Phython's "Meaning of Life", Eric Idle comes out of the fridge singing the "Galaxy Song". It's more artsy that way.