Friday, June 09, 2006

Vloggercon Attendee Joke

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11 MB 2 min. The Yahoo videoblogging group had a thread on joking about non attendees to Vloggercon 2006. I've never been to San Francisco, I have a cousin in San Jose, and this Vloggercon 2006 seemed liked a good enough reason to visit an affiliate BJJ program in SF. But here is my joke.

How about "attendees are lacking in technical know how to effectively communicate and network in today's emerging technical breakthroughs?"

"Instead of getting to the jist of it, they decide to burn precious jet fuel for the sake of something sappy as videoblogging". Instead of embracing vlogging as a means of spanning distance and income brackets, it has become like the Oscars, a me-too affair and a self indulgent event. These self congratulatory congregations are akin to being first on the block with latest thing, a keeping up with the Johnsons thing. It is a bit more duplicitous though, it hides its consumerism behind the cloak of free speech. And we want to see the books, transparency!"

That was a joke. I was doing my Baudalaire impression. Really that was a joke. How was that? As far as the advertising thing, Google ads and other ads don't look too nice on my vlog even though it might bring in extra cash.

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