Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vloggercon 2006 Installment 7

Watch the Video
40 MB 8 min. Interviews- Zenophon Abraham, Laura Moncur, Gabe McIntyre. Interview questions written by Nathan Miller of Bicycle Sidewalk.


Laura Moncur said...


You're the first person to post an interview with me. I'm so stoked!

Anthony said...

Very cool Francisco. I especially liked Gabes responses to your interview. I am realizing there are many folks that I didn't get to meet while at vloggercon that I wish I would have had time to stop and talk to. If only vloggercon could be every weekend.
Thanks for sharing I'll have to come back and watch the other interviews later.

Francisco Daum said...

Anthony- just shoot them an e-mail or leave a comment. I'm meaning to return to the Vloggercon site to listen up on the stuff I missed.