Friday, June 09, 2006

Vloggercon 2006 Installment 1

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9 MB 1 min 45 Installment at Vloggercon 2006. Vlogging is one way of getting your message across. To paraphrase Jay Dedman- you don't need to own a television station anymore to reach an audience.

I believe vlogging is creative in nature. As a painter, I think there's potential to help others much like Picasso's Guernica painting or Diego Rivera's socialist paintings. I believe somehow when you create social equilibrium, less people will commit crimes. That's what I want my vlogging to be but most of the time it's more like Edward Munch's the Scream.



Nathan Miller said...

Yes, It is always nice to be nice!
Have a blast in San Fran, wish I was there...

missbhavens said...

Fransisco, where did you disappear to??? I saw you at the Apple store, then for like two seconds Saturday (You were interviewing someone so I didn't want to interrupt) and then Sunday I didn't see you at all!!

Francisco Daum said...

Miss B, I didn't want to talk over the Apple presenters. Anyway- I saw you too on Sunday but I was getting as many interviews I could before falling into a heap of exhaustion!

David Meade said...

Good vid, I look forward to seeing vloggercon thanks to your videos! (Off to watch the next one)

- Dave