Monday, May 01, 2006

Meat Free Lasagna

10 MB 2 min. Eating less meat will lower your intake of saturated fats and cholesterol. Instead of a meat sauce I used a black bean tomato sauce mixture. The whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, and beans were organic. is not a bad place to get vegetarian recipes from. Personally I use Recipes For A Small Planet. I'm not vegan, I just try to eat less meat.
Music:"Warning"- Black Sabbath


missbhavens said...

Nice looking meal! Lasagne might just be the perfect "vlog food"! All those layers!

I'm with you on the meat thing. It just makes me feel sort of icky. Meat is impossible to avoid here in new Orleans, though, and fresh vegetables are miles away by car.

I never put meat in my lasagne though...but I do use about triple the cheese you do! That makes me feel icky, too...but when I eat it it's awesome.

Francisco Daum said...

Even when it's cold it's good. Dairy and Legumes are supposed to be complimentary protein sources. Yah, red meat and even chickens use a lot of energy resources to get to your plate. It's hard to graze all day though when you eat vegan, even lacto ovo. Whole wheat noodles are excellent, even better aldente. :)