Thursday, May 04, 2006

iPod sound recording

I was looking at CF card sound recording when I remembered a Linux project for the iPod. I'm trying this on a 3G 10 GB iPod. I hooked up an Azden ECZ-990 Zoom mic (an inexpensive consumer camcorder mic) to the 1/8" headphone jack after installing Linux on the iPod. The recording works on the mic in selection.

Recording quality is from 8 mhz all the way up to 96 mhz. CD quality I think is 44.1 mhz so I'm really looking forward to record with it. The controls on the iPod Linux are pretty easy, it is after all still an Apple. The recordings are in .wav format. When the iPod is mounted on the desktop, it's pretty easy to just drag/copy the file.

The best CF card audio recorder I saw was around $400 bucks and the audio quality was only up to 44 mhz, 60 minutes on a 1 GB CF card. The Linux iPod delivers 8 mhz to 96 mhz audio quality. Whatever your OS X or Windows doesn't occupy on your iPod, the Linux will automagically use for its own. I have 5.5 GB's on the Apple iTunes boot side and 3 GB's on the Linux partition for just recording sound. I hope this works- I'm giving it a shot on my next vlogpost.

I've been vlogging live bands and found out my camcorders' sound limitation. I also found out about limitations on light sensitivity. When I moved into the crowd, my DV camera lost focus tracking and the PCM mic took about 30 secs to readadjust itself. It was raining out so I'm ok with 40% of the footage I captured.

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