Friday, April 21, 2006

Rocketboom at the Pioneer Theatre

It was sedate, laid back, and cozy. Andrew Baron, Amanda Congden, and Mario Librandi were there. I am guessing Amanda's sisters(?) and definitely her mom was there (she said "Hi, Mom! to a lady sitting down). Amanda reaffirmed her intention to stick it out with Rocketboom.

They showed the "Ninja", "Drinking Game", and "Why does Bush rule?" episodes and others. Andrew mentioned they may not feature the TRM commercials the next time. I sometimes go to the Tonic, and often wondered how I could get an angle on putting an ATM machine there. Anyone out there in Nueva York?

The videos are mostly the old style episodes with a few of the HD wide format which at one point was slightly louder than the older episodes. The volume was adjusted quickly.

I had my camera wih me and was really tempted to ask Amanda if she could stand still and I do her dance beside her but I didn't even pull it out during the Q&A session. I felt like it was more appropriate to have a homey, family setting to the occassion. Anyhow it was nice to seem them all in person.

I haven't vlogged since I've been catching some busy nights at my job as a firefighter. Having time off, I've been catching up on sleep and staying physically active. I wish I was 12 again- play all day, eat like a horse, and sleep like a dog.

Nowadays I get jarred in the middle of the night, go to false alarms, and lose my circadian rhythm.

Today's Rocketboom is another take off on the Apple switch ad campaign. If you were hiding under a rock without TV like me, you probably wouldn't have known it. There was the Hummer episode using the same theme.

Amanda shines as a comedic actor. I like her impressions of people who write in and recently the "Dinner with Amanda" episodes. I hope they don't pull up their stakes and move away.

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