Monday, April 10, 2006

Code Corrected by Freevlog

The Radio Open Source discussion on illegal immigration in America. This was my Friday Post for vlogweek2006. It's more of a reblog- this audio file was originally broadcast earlier at Radio Open Source. I ripped the stream using Wiretap 1.0 and converted the aiff file using iTunes 6.

I have no coding skills so I had to call on the mighty folks from (the busy Ryanne Hodson), THANKS! I fixed the link like she said, pinged Feedburner and crossing my fingers.

As long as these immigrant protests remain non-violent, I think they will be ok. Obviously people are going to play hard ball. If the illegal workers in America call for a nationwide strike, maybe more people will see their situation.


Becca said...

The debate regarding illegal immigrants is a tricky and is something I won't comment on in order to not get into trouble. (Mouth is zipped)!

But I'm glad to see you've made the most of videoblogging week. I'm glad to be back in business as well. :-)

Francisco Daum said...

Thanks. I think I'm not alone in saying we're happy to see you vlogging again.