Friday, March 10, 2006

Vlogs I'm Subscribing To

I have more subscriptions for vlog feeds on FireANT. I don't know how to design a page so I have most vlogs on this post and use FireAnt to keep up with vlogs. I have a Mefeedia account that I use when I'm not on my laptop.

For the most part I pay attention to my subscriptions put out. Channels like Media Matters- I hardly read their deconstructions. I'd much rather read the New Yorker or listen to NPR and BBC radio.

Geek Entertainment TV
Echo Chamber Project
Minnesota Stories
Apollo Pony
Sandbox Films
Verdi Favorite
Media Matters
The Pan
We Are the Media

If you're not on the vlogroll, I'm probably protecting you from guys at my firehouse who prank post. Don't worry those gorillas don't know what media aggregators are.


Anonymous said...

Check out The PAN
I think you'll like it, its 15 min best-of plus some stuff you can't get elsewhere!

Francisco Daum said...

OK. I added yoose guys to my FireANT.