Thursday, March 30, 2006

Post Before Returning To Work

Watch the video
21.7 MB 3 min 54 sec. I'm posting footage with music I created in Garageband 1 and Acid 2. I had the music for at least 2 months but I didn't have anything to put them on. The footage is from riding around the fire engine in New York City, where I work. The last tune is what I remember of the Thelonious Monk tune called "Friday the 13th", about a traffic jam. I'd have to buy the whole album in ITMS to get the song. The last song was also influenced by John Zorn's 1 minute alien movie soundtrack songs he made for his Filmworks series.


missbhavens said...

I'm a sucker for footage shot from a moving vehicle. I shoot from a car whenever I am in one.

Francisco Daum said...

Unless you're not driving or you have the camera operating eyes+hands free, I don't suggest taking video in a moving vehicle.
You could end up video blogging your own crash.

irina slutsky said...

francisco! that is lovely. do you think you could write a 5 second intro tune for getv?gr

Francisco Daum said...

I have a slew of songs at this here link you can use for free. "Isla" I think peppy but help yourself to any of them for Geek Entertainment TV. I love your show.