Sunday, March 19, 2006

NC-17 Career Gripe

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3 min 57 sec 19.7 MB I originally had a post that had poor audio. The footage is a no rights reserved film from the Internet Archive. Basically you can download it and remix it all you want like all the no rights reserved movies at the Internet Archive. It feels good to publicly vent but I don't always do it. In the FDNY, the equivalent of grade school's "I meet you after school, behind the gym (for a fight)" is "Let's take it to the basement." Just recently, the department adopted a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use at work. This cut down on the fighting, but guys will be guys. It's a decent job, you help people out in emergencies- both medical and fire. Like anywhere though equality is a constant struggle. When one person is taught about morality and ethics- another will surely follow. I think the fire department is like a waiting area for some people who'd much rather stay with the herd than think for themselves (scary as that may be). This post is my career gripe which I hope will be my last. As before I used Garageband 1, Quicktime Pro 7 (for importing .mp4's into bite size pieces) and iMovie 4. QT Pro 7 can import .mp4's into iMovie 4. It's a nice solution that was suggested by the people from I used a DV cam with a mic to record the audio.


missbhavens said...

Ahhh, venting. Feels good, don't it?

MUCH better audio.

Francisco Daum said...

I wish I didn't have to vent. I have to roll with the punches. Anyway I thought how weird it was that Slashdot featured an article on employers and blogging. I actually changed my profile last week from "Firefighter" to "Private Citizen" just to make sure I wasn't blogging for my employer. What freaks me out is Bill O Reilly getting his security after people he doesn't agree with on his radio show.

Anyhow- you must have read about this particular incident with NYC's fire department- article. A year in jail and lost pension for sending a guy into a coma with a metal chair and permanently damaging his motor control. I really feel bad for him. At this time he's suing the city for a $100 million (that's a fact).