Friday, March 10, 2006

Killing Your Own Sons and Daughters

This is the dead (2,307 Americans) from the Iraq War. This page (273 Americans) is for Afghanistan.

From my little experience of fighting any war- I understand you have to regroup and access. Reading down the list of casualties from improvised explosive devices, I am so outraged at our governments handling of the situation. OK, maybe it will taper off after 6 months. But to see ambush after ambush, it is obvious there are not enough forces to protect cleared roadways, find, capture, and destroy enemy munitions.

The invasion of Iraq was achieved using Rumsfeld's linked technology tactic swarm, letting soldiers know where enemy using hi technology. I have met soldiers, not even out of their growth spurt- with prosthetic devices. I don't want this, "Well you signed the contract with the military and that's what you get." No, you are not an automaton. The government is sprinkling the battlefield with forces here and there with our military and telling them here- work with what little you have, tough luck, we support you. They are not speaking for people at home who don't want them to get stuck somehere with the only thing between them and a tank mine is a dog tag. An outrage. One side says yes we'll do this and on the other no we can't offer anymore help.

This is a constant battle, you have to maintain what you need to do the job and reality. It is not good at all when what comes out between the struggle is your buddy's life.

Next time you meet a veteran, give him a pound on the back, a hello, a handshake.
They made a decision to be part of this here United States, not to kill their own sons and daughters.

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