Sunday, March 19, 2006

"French Parade"

Watch the video
I previously posted a video i took at the Tonic of Jerseyband. These guys are really worth going out to see because they put on a good show and the songs are really good to my ears. I usually wear a pair of earplugs (like these) whenever I go to a show. It cuts down on the ringing afterwards. The big thing about wearing earplugs during a show is that you can hear passages and changes in the music when otherwise you'd be hanging on for dear life. So go check out Jerseyband's site and MYSPACE page. I think they are excellent live. This video and the previous one is under the CC Non Commercial No Derivatives license. Get yourself to their e-mail list and catch them live already.


missbhavens said...

ok. My New Favorite band, for sure!

Francisco Daum said...

I've been to Tonic just twice before- to see an Eliot Sharp guitar ensemble on a whim and a Matthew Shipp performance for some date. I wanted to experience something close the legendary Naked City- the closest I ever got was seeing the Boredoms open for Firehose (not at the Tonic). I had to come down after listening to some live summer 2001 Masada albums. I think the last show I actually went to was Joey Baron at the Village Vanguard.

I like the humane sound of Jerseyband, kind of like FZ's Uncle Meat album in some respects.