Sunday, March 19, 2006


Watch the video

I watched a show at the Tonic. My socks were blown off by Jerseyband. Put yourself on their mailing list. I was thinking about Zappa's big band era (Wacka Jawaka), was reminded of seeing Fishbone in 1990 at the NY Palladium (which is now a hi rise NYU Dorm), and a bit of ska and reggae. I really loved the interplay between these guys- they are such nice friends on the stage. I hope they play again soon. The horns are just so powerful and tight- I'm no musician but i really believe these guys rock and swing. They call themselves Lungcore. I intend to post more of their internet available music under the CC Non Commercial No Derivatives copyright. They really are entertaining, from the drummer to the kind horn passages, etc. Just keep posted and take them in.


missbhavens said...

What a wild sound! Any band of that size working in a horn section? Craziness! neato. It's like speed-thrash-big-band!

Francisco Daum said...

Yes, they call themselves the father of Lungcore, a combination of metal and horns. They remind me a lot of Zappa's Waka Jawaka and a bit of John Zorn's work with Naked City. Ages ago, I saw Fishbone (Reality of My Surroundings tour) bill with the Dead Milkmen and 2 Live Crew for the CMJ Music Festival. Fishbone gets metal with horns. I was too young for any Tower of Power but my step dad was really into FZ.

In Harlem, the United House of Prayer has a band with like 4 trombones. A possible episode for the vlog.