Thursday, March 30, 2006

Post Before Returning To Work

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21.7 MB 3 min 54 sec. I'm posting footage with music I created in Garageband 1 and Acid 2. I had the music for at least 2 months but I didn't have anything to put them on. The footage is from riding around the fire engine in New York City, where I work. The last tune is what I remember of the Thelonious Monk tune called "Friday the 13th", about a traffic jam. I'd have to buy the whole album in ITMS to get the song. The last song was also influenced by John Zorn's 1 minute alien movie soundtrack songs he made for his Filmworks series.

Police Stops Gig

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17.5 MB 3 min 11 sec. Ok, before the zombies reached the basement, at least 5 bands played. The good police came at around 12:30 AM to quiet things down. I had earplugs on which everyone should have had on in that basement. To give Hogg justice, go to any of these links- 1, 2, 3.

"Lifesblood Waste"

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15.3 MB 2 min 52 sec. Hogg played a gig March 25, 2006 in Worchester, MA. They are playing again on Apr. 22, 2006 at the University of Rhode Island. They have an archived set at Brown Student Radio which is a much better audio recording. Hogg also has streaming music at this page. Give them a listen.


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25.7 MB 5 min 7 sec. Dysrhythmia, once a Philly band, now in Brooklyn. Recorded live at the Tonic in New York City.

Existence before Essence

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9.2 MB 1 min 40 sec. I believe in existence before essence.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stateside Duty

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21.4 MB 4 min 37 sec Before I left the Army, I volunteered for stateside duty. I should have stayed in Europe but I wouldn't have met such wonderful people.

My Hollywood Footage

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10.4 MB 1 min 53 sec. My Hollywood footage when I was a serviceman. Music is from the Bob Dylan podcast at the iTunes store.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Things I'm Most Proud About

1. I had a part time job all through High School to help support myself.
2. I paid for my own 4 year college education, BFA from SUNY Purchase (every red cent).
3. I've lived on my own, paid my own rent since I was 24.
4. I served as a UN peacekeeper in Bosnia for the US Army, completed 3 years of active duty and was given a Honorable Discharge. (I even got medals).
5. Turned down an answer key to the final written test at the New York City Fire Academy. Despite being a minority, I was never given or taken any favors in the entrance written exam, physical testing, and various testing. As a matter of fact, I had a harder time because entrenched groups felt neccessary to harass me, which continues to this very day.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"French Parade"

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I previously posted a video i took at the Tonic of Jerseyband. These guys are really worth going out to see because they put on a good show and the songs are really good to my ears. I usually wear a pair of earplugs (like these) whenever I go to a show. It cuts down on the ringing afterwards. The big thing about wearing earplugs during a show is that you can hear passages and changes in the music when otherwise you'd be hanging on for dear life. So go check out Jerseyband's site and MYSPACE page. I think they are excellent live. This video and the previous one is under the CC Non Commercial No Derivatives license. Get yourself to their e-mail list and catch them live already.


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I watched a show at the Tonic. My socks were blown off by Jerseyband. Put yourself on their mailing list. I was thinking about Zappa's big band era (Wacka Jawaka), was reminded of seeing Fishbone in 1990 at the NY Palladium (which is now a hi rise NYU Dorm), and a bit of ska and reggae. I really loved the interplay between these guys- they are such nice friends on the stage. I hope they play again soon. The horns are just so powerful and tight- I'm no musician but i really believe these guys rock and swing. They call themselves Lungcore. I intend to post more of their internet available music under the CC Non Commercial No Derivatives copyright. They really are entertaining, from the drummer to the kind horn passages, etc. Just keep posted and take them in.

NC-17 Career Gripe

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3 min 57 sec 19.7 MB I originally had a post that had poor audio. The footage is a no rights reserved film from the Internet Archive. Basically you can download it and remix it all you want like all the no rights reserved movies at the Internet Archive. It feels good to publicly vent but I don't always do it. In the FDNY, the equivalent of grade school's "I meet you after school, behind the gym (for a fight)" is "Let's take it to the basement." Just recently, the department adopted a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use at work. This cut down on the fighting, but guys will be guys. It's a decent job, you help people out in emergencies- both medical and fire. Like anywhere though equality is a constant struggle. When one person is taught about morality and ethics- another will surely follow. I think the fire department is like a waiting area for some people who'd much rather stay with the herd than think for themselves (scary as that may be). This post is my career gripe which I hope will be my last. As before I used Garageband 1, Quicktime Pro 7 (for importing .mp4's into bite size pieces) and iMovie 4. QT Pro 7 can import .mp4's into iMovie 4. It's a nice solution that was suggested by the people from I used a DV cam with a mic to record the audio.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Automatic sound level settings

I used a directional condenser microphone in my previous post. It was plugged directly into a USB Griffin iMic. I used QT Pro 7 to record. The results are icky and I don't know how to nicely even it out. I think I'll have to record sound via my mini DV cam then just import into iMovie 4. My camera has an automatic sound compensation I guess, I know I don't have to mess around with sound settings.

Fire! (Adult Language-Not suitable for children under 18)

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(Adult Language-Not suitable for children under 18) 18.4 MB 3min 38 sec The demo rap of Cisco Dee, with lyrics by Omlaut Jones, on the woes of corrupt firehouses known in the industry as f**kshops.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Killing Your Own Sons and Daughters

This is the dead (2,307 Americans) from the Iraq War. This page (273 Americans) is for Afghanistan.

From my little experience of fighting any war- I understand you have to regroup and access. Reading down the list of casualties from improvised explosive devices, I am so outraged at our governments handling of the situation. OK, maybe it will taper off after 6 months. But to see ambush after ambush, it is obvious there are not enough forces to protect cleared roadways, find, capture, and destroy enemy munitions.

The invasion of Iraq was achieved using Rumsfeld's linked technology tactic swarm, letting soldiers know where enemy using hi technology. I have met soldiers, not even out of their growth spurt- with prosthetic devices. I don't want this, "Well you signed the contract with the military and that's what you get." No, you are not an automaton. The government is sprinkling the battlefield with forces here and there with our military and telling them here- work with what little you have, tough luck, we support you. They are not speaking for people at home who don't want them to get stuck somehere with the only thing between them and a tank mine is a dog tag. An outrage. One side says yes we'll do this and on the other no we can't offer anymore help.

This is a constant battle, you have to maintain what you need to do the job and reality. It is not good at all when what comes out between the struggle is your buddy's life.

Next time you meet a veteran, give him a pound on the back, a hello, a handshake.
They made a decision to be part of this here United States, not to kill their own sons and daughters.

Vlogs I'm Subscribing To

I have more subscriptions for vlog feeds on FireANT. I don't know how to design a page so I have most vlogs on this post and use FireAnt to keep up with vlogs. I have a Mefeedia account that I use when I'm not on my laptop.

For the most part I pay attention to my subscriptions put out. Channels like Media Matters- I hardly read their deconstructions. I'd much rather read the New Yorker or listen to NPR and BBC radio.

Geek Entertainment TV
Echo Chamber Project
Minnesota Stories
Apollo Pony
Sandbox Films
Verdi Favorite
Media Matters
The Pan
We Are the Media

If you're not on the vlogroll, I'm probably protecting you from guys at my firehouse who prank post. Don't worry those gorillas don't know what media aggregators are.

En El Emo Aleman Viernes

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11 MB. 2 min 7 secs. The title says it all- "In The Emo German Friday". I was taking off on emo Emo. You can visit Clark Saturn's for some happy German language videos. I made the music from Garageband 1 and used a mic into Quicktime Pro. I looped the Garageband file and recorded the vocals on QT Pro. I then used Wiretap free version to capture the final mix.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Real Me

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19.6 MB 3 Min 43 Sec. This is an infra red photomontage set to music I made using Garageband, Dent du Midi, The Who, and an unknown midi programmer from this site. My photography can be found at my website, slideshow, and Flickr. I still process silver for the infra red film. Once I get better I think I'll stop for environmental reasons. The song rendition is something I would hear in the subway during rush hour. Be forewarned.