Sunday, February 05, 2006

February Form Letter

To the Honorable Mayor Michael Bloomberg,

In the Daily News article dated Feb. 2, 2006, it is stated your preliminary budget proposal will cut "$32.9 million to city libraries, reduce hours to four days a week".

In my neighborhood, the library already has reduced hours. For many people living in this great city, the library is a bastion of culture. Sadly it is also one of few places where one can find a clean, well lit, and quiet place to study. Taking away hours and days from the libraries will affect people from young to old. Please reconsider. You have stood for making information easier to access. Let that be the reality for the people of New York City and keep our libraries open.

Young and old alike will surely benefit by having a place to study, read, and become better informed. It has been an honor and thank you.


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