Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog Changes

When I author my short vlog posts on iMovie 4, I archive the files as DV. I have reached the point where I will be structuring the shoot with a storyboard and lights. I took the cue from Steve Garfield regarding lighting. As for the DV files, they are stored on a hard drive but can be authored in iDVD 4, if I need them to be.

Sound remains a challenge; self powered mics lose battery power causing diminished pick-up. Because of this I am sticking to my camera's on-board mic. I'm also keeping my video blogging in the black by not going HD.

I think mini DV NTSC is still ok for vlogging and home movies. I have clip lamps for lighting and a Kodak Photo Grey/ Video White Balance card I use for my indoor shoots. The white balance presets on my Mini DV cam are decent for daylight. Night scenes are not essential for my home movie making. If need be, artificial fog and rain will change my daylight scenes in iMovie 4. Good writing is most important.

The following months form letters will be on video and I might have themes for certain days (like ZipZapZop.com's Naked Fridays or Rocketboom's Casual Fridays). I might have Food Wednesdays or Archival Footage Tuesdays or Garageband Tune Mondays or FDNY Episode Fridays or Thursday Literature quotes. There's definitely a monthly form letter which is aimed at people writing to government officials regarding current events.

As of now I'm averaging two ok vlog posts a week. I think with the use of storyboards and better lighting, my vlogs will be quicker to post.

I am reprinting Michael Verdi's goals he set in 2004.

1.Write everday like my life depends on it
2.Write 3 screenplays by the end of 2005
3.Make a short and post it here every week until the end of 2005.
4.Make a feature film by the end of 2005
5.Win a film festival by the end of 2005

I think number one isn't too hard for a blog/vlog.

FireAnt is still in beta, but I always use it at home. iTunes 6 is fine for using with the Video iPod but FireAnt is quite versatile. You can check for new episodes for each channel and downloading is in the background.

So far I only use FireAnt and iTunes 6 to check my feed from Feedburner. From the Feedburner site- you can also choose different aggregators but I haven't checked them out. It's too bad NODE 101's Ryanne Hudson is pulling up her stakes and moving to Frisco. She's half of Freevlog.org. Freevlog.org's Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hudson turned me on to video blogging at the Soho Apple Store. They are coming out with a book in Peachpit Press on how to Video Blog.

Right now blogging/vlogging to me is like riding a bicycle- it's fun. I don't need to be overwhelmed by how something works. Things just work like a bottom bracket cassette or the Feedburner code that NODE 101 helped me put in my Blogger template.

Stuff works so it's doubly better to take it somewhere. I don't want to be like Super Dave and be extreme. I want to serve up some meaningful monthly form letters and have good things to share.

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