Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Black Beans

Watch the video

When I passed the grueling physical test for city firefighter, I was an ovo lacto vegetarian. Nowadays I eat anything at the firehouse. At home though, I don't eat meat at all. I feel cleaner.

Music- me on Garageband 1

Video- black beans, whole pasta, oat bran, spices, and whole tomatoes


missbhavens said...

I was a vegetarian for years...and I wasn't any good at it. Didn't know how to cook at the time (early college years) and spent all my time feeling weak as a cat.

I don't eat meat often (although down South it's nearly impossible to have a meat-free meal) and I always feel better when I don't...but darn it, bacon is just so tasty.

Berk said...

the chef approves!

Berk said...

the chef approves!

Francisco Daum said...

Vegetarianism taught me to be aware of poisons in everyday foods- insecticides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals. It also made me aware of the food chain. Some people make it a life to be vegetarian- look at Jack La Lanne. Not everyone can do it.