Monday, January 09, 2006

Vlog what?

While vlog posts tend to be short, you can still pack a lot of work into one. At the Freevlog site, each instructional video begins with a graphics intro and theme music. It also ends with a similiar theme. The videos are cohesive.

You can learn fast with vlogging. Besides editing and compressing, I have to ask myself- "What do I focus on?". Does my content need to be looking at the big picture or my daily world?

So here's my compromise- I'll work on what I know best- myself and maybe from time to time stray off course do something documentary.


Batman Geek said...

hey thanks for stopping by my vlog and that is great about your firehouse being called the "Batcave", you should do a video of the firehouse, (if you haven't already) I would love to see it! :)

Berk said...

hey, if you want a fast and very reliable place to host your videos use I used to upload on internet archive but the video tend to get lost. The good thing is that you can cross promote so it will automatically upload to US archive as well.. ciao!

Francisco Daum said...

Thanks Mark- you're like the 3rd person to tell me to moveover to Not sure where to start, but I guess any episode is inconsequential. Batman geek, I've been typing out a narrative which includes something on my getting assigned to the Batcave firehouse.