Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Home Movie Repost

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I posted this series of videos before on Archive.org but I needed a faster server here on blip.tv. I believe in conditioning. I go by the idea that people's behaviour are influenced by conditioning. Therefore if you are brought up well, you too will become caring. I asked war refugees questions about surviving. This is original order of the questions. We should all work towards peace.

I'm going to start a series of video posts of World War II survivors. I watched Shoah this past year. I had to sit down and formulate my own movie regarding unspeakable tragedies. I grew up around survivors from WW II's Pacific theatre.
So as a nod to Claude Lanzmann's very important work, I made my home movie to give to my interviewees and their children.

Shoah is available for rent on Netflix, if you are looking for it.

StoryCorps.net was great help. I have to thank the people from Thislife.org especially Elizabeth Meister for answering my e-mail and turning me on to Storycorps' wonderful site.

Who were war collaborators?

Did you know any war collaborators?

Did collaborators associate with anyone after WW II?

What was their (collaborators') justification?

What happened to your friends and neighbors?

What day did the war start?

How did your father die?

How was your relationship with the Americans?

How old were you when the war started?

Do you remember the day it ended?

Did anyone get sick?

Where did you live?

Were there any times of peace?

Did you ever encounter the Japanese?

Was this the first time you encountered the Japanese?

Did you see cruelty towards civilians?

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