Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blue Passes Open Guard, Scores Points

Watch the video

In this grappling match, the competitor in blue continuously attempts to submit his opponent and succeeds in passing the open guard. He easily wins by passing his opponent's legs, controlling side control, and playing an aggressive game.

Music: The Minutemen-Colors


Batman Geek said...

I see you are using now, I use them to and I think they are great, very easy to use, by the way love your drawing....

Francisco Daum said...

Yeah, loads faster. I don't know what's happening though to my thumbnails in the visual archive post. Seems a little slow. Not a big deal.

That's not my drawing. It's this guy mrmultiple2's fine work. He posted his drawing and invited other people to color it in.

I'm putting in a vlog roll (maybe this weekend) so things will be webby.