Monday, December 19, 2005


Never grew up? "...when I go, spread my ashes, all ages show..." One more Alice Donut video installment. I have to work a 24 hour shift starting today. The usual. I'm going to ride my bicycle to work (10 miles round trip) and avoid congestion. I drive a 2005 Prius Hybrid but only half the time to work. I need it to get out of town (Long Island beaches, upstate). Right now there's a strike, the mayor is pitting the working masses against the transportation union. The mayor got a judge to fine the union if they do strike. As of today, the strike started in Queens.

The union TWU 100, claims the MTA keeps two books. One book says they're over and the other says they're under. The MTA raised fares this year opposing TWU 100. TWU 100, had claimed there was a surplus and raising fares weren't necessary. This last month, MTA announced a temporary lowering of fares for the holidays.

With manned token booths closing and conductor-less trains, I'm not easily appeased by a temporary holiday reduction in fares. Getting around NYC, I use mass transit a third of the time. The other ways are one third bicycling and one third driving the Hybrid Toyota Prius.

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