Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vlog Militia Man

Vlog Militia Man
Boxing, contact karate, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are essential physical pursuits for men and women. These will definitely protect you from an unarmed opponent.

When it comes to multiple attackers- balance is crucial and the ability to lay in effective damage to your opponent. You may have to back away but it is essential to damage and immobilize at least one attacker.

Keep in mind what's in their hands- ice pick, knife, bottle. You get into a knife fight, expect to get cut. You have to back up in this case and bring something heavier- like the cops. Don't rule out guns. Watch out for listless packs.

Unarmed hand to hand combat out in the streets- bring them on anyday.

As for people who know nothing and pretend to hold cell phone conversations while walking home alone, I suggest you carry on your conversation with a can of mace or pepper spray. A cellphone won't stop a rabid dog or animal. A can of mace may even buy you the time you need to go on your escape route. Have some change to throw in their face as a distraction or a bogus wallet to throw away from your planned escape direction.

Evading is not bad, you have to come back and mash them.

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